National Pizza Day

February 9th is National Pizza day. In celibration of this national event, we had a small private party where everyone had the oppornunity to make their own pizza, cooked on a hot wood fired pizza grill. Amazing sauce, dough and toppings. We even had a selection of gluten free dough and dairy free cheese toppings, … [Read more…]

A RI Tradition!

Cory recently asked us to cater a special birthday party for his mother and his family. Their special request… Rhode Island Stuffed Quahogs and Rhode Island style lobster rolls. Happy to make these for your special occasion! We’ll bet you didn’t know there were multiple styles of both lobster rolls and stuffed clams!

Lionfish Ceveche

So, how daring are you?   We recently served Lionfish as a great appetizer at a hosted dinner party, Lionfish?   Isn’t that a deadly fish?  Yes, but the filleted meat is delicious and totally safe.  We need to eat more… click the video below for more information.   Want to have a Lionfish adventure … [Read more…]