Someone recently described our catering services perfectly… an award winning private Chef that caters with exceptional care…. perfect!

Whitestar is a boutique caterer! We specialize in smaller more intimate events where our culinary experience will delight.

We’re known for serving individuals with food sensitivities or allergies, like Celiac, where we can tailor our menu to your wishes and requirements. We focus on ingredients so we can assure allergen avoidance celebrating and sourcing the best for our menus and customers.

We prioritize local sourced product and support our local farms and producers.

Should your needs simply be great food, dropped off and set up for your guests, or more involved catering, setup, and elegant staffed and hosted banquets, Whitestar should be your choice.

You won’t find pre-planned, stale menus here with limited choices that many caterers provide, but you will discover Whitestar specializes in consulting and working with you to create YOUR menu, along with any special considerations to make your event extra special.

Our Artisan Buratta salad ready for service!
Farm table setup for a corporate event in the FT. Adams Casemates
Lounge setup in the Fort Casemates
International cheese board appetizer
Whitestar savory cheesecake appetizer- A Favorite!
Simple volunteer luncheon
Our Team
Our Team at a Ida Lewis Yacht Club Wedding reception

Its fun to serve great food”

Sally Schmitt, Best Chef in the World, New York Times Documentary

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