Trish and I had a planned long weekend with 2 “Chef’s Dinners” planned in Ohio… of course, my first thought was to stop by the Chef’s Garden’s farm stand to provision. A quick DM to Farmer Lee Jones, I found out the stand was unfornunately closed for the season… bummer. A prompt followup to our Product Specalisist Tayna, I received a copy of the current availability and placed a order for pick up the day we flew in. Amazing product from some of the nicest people in Ohio.

We often travel to Ohio, on a different trip Trish and I had the pleasure of visiting in Chef’s Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute in Huron Ohio.

One of the challenges in providing the best food available to our Whitestar customers is sourcing the best possible ingredients. We search out and source the best in farm to table ingredients.

Chef’s Garden CEO Bob Jones, Jr, (Bob Jr. went to school in Huron with Trish)

Yes, I’m tasting a carrot, fresh from preparation and ready to ship in their cooler storage. The sugar (brix) count of these carrots are amazing.
Acres of micro-greens, each flat already selected for special customers around the World, including Whitestar.

Visiting the Chef’s Garden and talking to them about regenerative farming, using their product for the last couple years has changed my view on vegetables and inspired me to use the entire vegetable in some way, in presentation or end use. The Chef’s Garden provides the finest produce and vegetables, micro-greens, edible flowers and much more to the best restaurants and Chef’s nationwide.

Fresh root vegetables of all colors, textures and sizes, ready for selection and order packing for Chef’s around the World.

I encourage you to view this amazing documentary about the Jones family, the Chef’s Garden and see how they adapted during the Covid epodemic years.

I’m proud to be a customer and serve their vegetables and be considered a friend of the farm.