Fine dining, plated gourmet dinners and Private Chef service is viewed in a special light at Whitestar. With our dedication to extreme hospitality, every course… appetizers, salad, entree, dessert …and of course beverage selection and service is carefully considered.

Tomato salad, balsamic pearls with mini vegetables and Burrata

Ron’s background is food preparation, cooking and the back of the house. He worked in several fine dining restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island years before leaving the culinary industry to follow other business interests. As an award winning Chef, Ron loves providing great food and hospitality to our clients.

After years away from the industry, partnering with Trish renewed his passion to provide outstanding food at events near our home, first in Newport, RI, and now next door in Middletown, RI.

Trish’s food sensitivity to Gluten and also being Lactose intolerant sent Ron back to the books, becoming certified in Allergen and Food Sensitivities by the National Restaurant Association and is a member of the National Celiac Association. Now he adopts recipes making menu items gluten or dairy free (or both!) to the point you would never know the difference in taste.

Whitestar specializes and is proud to work closely with our clients to ensure that food selections meet their special requirements and needs. Want more information, Ask Us!

Burrata with heirloom beets with microgreens
Another fun, beautiful salad with microgreens and edible flower
Tenderloin, Gold sauce and baked tomato stuffed with goat cheese
Mushroom stuffed chicken breast and parsley potato
Sausage stuffed chicken
Rhode Island Lobster and Angus Tenderloin

“I love to talk about cooking and recipes, but I love as much talking about how food and cooking can change the world.”

Jose Andres

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