About 26 million American adults (10.8%) identify as having food allergies. They affect 6 million children (7%). Even MORE individuals claim food sensitivities!

As a caterer and food provider its important to understand the differences and work directly with clients on their needs and requirements. We use all our creativity to develop delicious menus for customers and guests, even to the point most would not know they are having food designed for prevention of reactions.

Ron has been “Certified” by the National Restaurant Association as having completed specialized training on “Food Allergens and Allergies”, and is also a member of the National Celiac Association. This is particularly important at Whitestar, but also even in our everyday lives… Trish is sensitive to gluten and intolerant to dairy.

Many of our recipes can be adapted to remove or substitute ingredients that are problematic. We are a sourcing specialist for certified ingredients, along with the practice of “scratch” cooking with local or fresh product with fewer preservatives and processed ingredients.

The kitchens we use also cook a variety of products which may include gluten or other allergens, but we take extreme efforts to avoid cross contamination. When required, we do have a certified gluten free kitchen available.

We love working with clients to develop your special menu.

Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Seafood/Shellfish Allergies * Peanut/ Tree Nut Allergies * Soy * Vegan/Vegetarian